Stories are what bring us together as humans. They create common connections, giving us the chance to say, "you too?" Stories are how we relate to others and they're a powerful part of any business.

Stories Sell.
Pictures tell.

Connecting the power of stories with business, can seem like a cold concept initially. But why are you in business? Why do you sell what you sell, or provide the service you provide? Where did that story start, and why does it continue to this day? 

Chances are, the story behind your business/brand, is one packed with emotion. Oftentimes businesses and brands forget to tell that story, leaving their followers to fill in the blanks as to why they are connecting with their product or service. We want to help you tell your story with a highly curated and custom Story Session.

here's how this thing works

01. Vision Board

To get started, we will collaborate on creating the vision board for your story session. The Vision Board will help focus the direction of the shoot, and what aspects of your story we're going to tell.

02. Let’s Plan

Once we've nailed down your vision board, we will plan the details of your shoot! We'll talk locations, wardrobe, props, and get an official plan in place.

03. Let’s Shoot

On story session day, we will bring your story to life through imagery! Get ready to have fun showcasing YOU and your brand!

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