Josh and I are night owls, and while we both can (and often do) get up early, we genuinely appreciate and savor our mornings we get to sleep in. Having said that, we are coffee people.
We love traveling together, so far having gone to 6 different states together, and 2 European countries (Italy & France). It’s on our bucket list to go to Iceland soon!
We are Marvel fans, that enjoy Thunder Basketball games. We love a sweet glass of Moscato d’asti, and love stumbling across delicious local restaurants.  

Both of us are fairly detailed oriented. Josh may not swoon quite the same way I do, but in any circumstance the details put into the occasion/event/environment are not lost on us.
We have two little boys, Joah and Judah, that are the purest forms of our best selves. Our oldest, Joah, has my stubbornness with all his daddy’s good looks, and our youngest, Judah, has a fire and spirit in him that keeps us all on our toes. 

We were married in guthrie, Oklahoma OCtober 2014 in a ballroom, with gatsby touches, floral, and lattes.

Meet Danielle & Josh


F. Scott Fitzgerald

"I wish I had done everything on earth with you."