We capture images and video for the timeless bride (and groom!), that are their unapologetic authentic selves. 
This makes them iconic in our book. 

the DV&Co Bride: /noun/ 

timeless, authentic, iconic, real, raw, graceful


We believe in late nights, early mornings, coffee, snuggling up to a great movie, and travel. 

Meet Danielle & Josh

Hi there! Nice to meet you... well sort of! We hope to get to physically meet you in the near future, but until then, we'd love to share with you a little about who we are. When we decided to start DV&Co, we did so with the understanding that we wanted to be more than just "vendors" on our clients' wedding day, and more than just the "photographer" that took a picture. 

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We promise to never blow up your inbox, but on occasion we will share wedding day tips, photography resources, and maybe even a "special" on sessions here and there.  To stay up-to-date with us, join our mailing list!

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