I once was a nurse... until I wasn't...

I can't tell you how long it's been since I first picked up a camera. As a kid, I remember vividly the disposable film cameras that were a staple product of my mom's bag. Wherever we went, she had one or provided me with one. I would be lying if I said I don't have a few boxes of  photo prints from all the years of developing those cameras. It was during those years of my life that I developed a sense of respect and awe for freezing a moment, a memory, an event regardless of how perfect or imperfect the film caught it.

I was a young nursing student, studying my way to RN when  I got my first "fancy" camera. It was a Canon Rebel (the very first digital edition in the Rebel series.) My very first "session" with that camera was with my roommate and her then-boyfriend-now-husband. That session was the one where I fell in love with photographing couples.

I worked in the nursing field as a RN for 6 years before my husband, Josh, and I had our first son, Joah. After lots of thought and consideration, we agreed we were making the best choice for our family... I entered a new season and life position, a.k.a stay-at-home-mom. One-by-one the stones began to fall into place; I say it all the time that I have no doubt that it all has been a Jesus thing. As doors opened, I walked through. Shortly after the birth of our second son, Judah, (2018) what I considered my long time hobby, was reborn into a business. I'm incredibly proud of my background in Nursing and despite not actively working in the field, I will forever keep my license up to date (my fellow nurses know the school and work is far too hard to just let it go!)

 I feel incredibly blessed to be doing work within the creative landscape that I love. So instead of nursing documentation, I document wedding days and the seasons in the lives of families.


Photo Journalist and Guide. . . that's how I would describe my approach.

A few things I'm currently obsessed with are: 
  • Film Cameras
  • Nordstrom & REI
  • Parisian Coffee Shop Tunes
  • a great romance novel
  • Cookbooks with pretty images (Joanna Gaines)
  • Gardening (and all the gardening/homesteading books -- pretty images in them are a bonus!)

I should probably explain that a little...


Quick Facts

for the skimmers

I'd Love to be

Reading a Book outside

Favorite Bible Verse

Joshua 24:15

favorite Sweet Treat

Oatmeal Cookies

Drink of choice

Coffee or Matcha 

favorite Movie

Father of the Bride

Take My Money


guilty pleasure

Flowers & Film Cameras

Listening to

Changes Daily...

Favorite Food

Pasta & French Bread

(without Raisins & with Molasses)

Favorite Movie

Father of the Bride


Henry Cavill

Favorite Food

Pasta & French Bread

listening to

Changes daily...

guilty pleasure

Flowers & Film Cameras

take my money



DIY/Home Updating/Gardening

weekend plans

Family Time or Weddings

Photo Journalist and Guide

My Approach

My approach to a wedding day is both "guide" and "photo journalist". My couples don't stress or worry about how to pose or place themselves -- for the moments that need that guidance, I've got you. And for all the other moments -- the ones that simply require you to be present, engaging in conversation or laughter with your love, your family, and guests -- those moments I am diligently watching for and capturing so you'll have the memory years from now, when with time, the littlest details begin to fade.

In Printed Photographs, Quality over Quantity, and Marriage is more than your Wedding

Coming together around a dinner table, toasting with wine or champagne, laughing and in conversation with those we love most is magical.

i believe

Marriage is more than a wedding.

Your commitment to marriage is meant to be for life. While we love beautiful florals, thoughtful details, timeless tuxes, and beautiful dresses, we believe your marriage is more important than your wedding, and we're cheering you on to have a successful, healthy marriage!

 I believe


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