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Blake Lively & Gal Gadot

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Pretty Rings, Fancy Shoes, Luxury Perfume, & Lipstick

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We have two boys:

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meet   Danielle 

I once was a nurse... 

until I wasn't. 

It's been over a decade since I got my first "fancy" camera. It was a Canon Rebel (the very first digital edition in the Rebel series). I was a young nursing student, studying my way to RN. My very first "session" with that camera was with my roommate and her then-boyfriend-now-husband. That was the day I fell in love with photography -- specifically capturing couples. 

I worked in the field of nursing as a RN for 6 years, and then our son, Joah was born. I entered into a new position, a.k.a stay-at-home-mom, and one-by-one the stones began to fall into place; I say it all the time that I have no doubt that it all has been a Jesus thing. As doors opened, I walked through. And just like that, what I considered my long time hobby, was reborn into a business.

Outdoor spaces decorated with floral pots, gardens, wild trees, and green grass are my happy place. I admittedly don't have a green thumb, but every year, I attempt caring for potted plants yet again, because... #nevergivingup.

Dessert is always a great idea. I have a major sweet tooth, and I won't even try to hide it. I keep telling myself that someday I will give up sugar, but that day hasn't happened yet.

Speaking of sugar, I take my coffee black with a side of sugar in the raw. Coffee is a pretty big part of my life... as a mother to young children, it's the perfect pick-me-up after a long night. Not to mention, it's a comfort drink for me. I can remember from my earliest days, coffee being a bonding experience between the people in my family. 

A few things I'm currently obsessed with are: 
 - Gigi Pip Hats 
 -House Floor Plans on Pinterest 
 -LiketoKnowIt App
 -Books with pretty images (Homebody by Joanna Gaines is a fav!)
 -The Enneagram (Type 3 Wing 4 over here!)


meet   Josh

It all started...

in a museum.

Josh's family owns a bone museum. An Osteology Museum to be more precise (Skeletons: A Museum of Osteology, located in Oklahoma City, OK & Orlando, FL.) He's been a part of that business for as long as he can remember... it was during his days as the museum's Marketing Director, that he learned photography. Josh handled all the stock photography for their products, as well as the editing of those images. 

To this day, Josh's full time day job is working within his family's business, Skulls Unlimited & Skeletons: A Museum of Osteology. He then spends his free time being dad, husband, and my partner-in-business.

Josh is a pretty amazing dad. He will tell you his family is his life, and he genuinely means it. When we were pregnant with our first born, Joah, we went to a first time parents class taught by a lactation nurse. I don't remember everything that was taught in that class, but to this day I remember she said something about the dads that I haven't forgotten. She said, "Mom's are a babies safe place and comfort, dad's are babies fun and play." Josh has been that so perfectly for our boys. As soon as he comes home after a long day, the boys run to him, ready for an adventure with their "super goggles", exploring the backyard, or wrestling around on their bedroom floor.  

He's a Marvel fan, and keeps me (Danielle) straight with the storylines. Thunder Basketball and OU Football are his jam. He routinely buys 7-10 Thunder games to attend every season. He will roll his eyes at me sharing this, but he does enjoy video games, however he has a specific taste in the ones he likes and will play. To-date, his favorite game he's ever played is Halo. 

Random tid-bits about him: 
-He takes his coffee black
-He's not a sweet tooth, but enjoys Sprites (on occasion) 
-He has three siblings
-His first pet is a Beagle named Phantom that he bought as a puppy for $25 (Phantom is currently 11 or 12 years of age and still going strong.)

Meet  us

meet   US

You had me at hello...

pretty much. 

Josh and I met March 16th, 2013. It was a bit of a blind date thanks to the pushing of our friends and the online world. We agreed to meet up at a Barnes & Noble in OKC (one of my favorite stores), and have a cup of coffee. Josh tried so hard to remember my drink of choice, with every intention of ordering it for me (to impress me of course), but went blank with nerves. He's gotten pretty good at remembering my drink and even food orders now a days though. (And if you're wondering what my drink of choice was -- a White Chocolate Mocha.)

From our first date, we pretty much became inseparable. I was still living in the Lawton area (where I am "from" -- technically I was a military "brat" so I lived a few other locations before my dad retired in Lawton.) The hour drive didn't phase me one bit, because I was smitten. I can only imagine how much money was spent on gas and pay tolls that year and a half of dating/engagement. 

We did a lot of awesome things during that year and a half of dating...

Meet Danielle

From traveling to NYC for my birthday, seeing Luke Bryant at the Tulsa Hard Rock, multiple Six Flags over Texas trips, Thunder games, go-carts, and good ol'movie theatre nights. We've done a lot. But one of my favorite memories is from a long weekend in Guthrie, OK for the Gentlemen of the Road Tour. 

 We camped in the designated field/park, and during the day we'd listen to the different bands playing, make our way through the town, pop into boutiques and antique shops, and just hang out. Mumford and Sons were pretty popular at the time, and they were headlining the event. To-date, they've been one of my favorite bands I've seen in person. The whole weekend was magical. From the comradery of hundreds of people camping together with just the basics, to great music, and quaint surroundings. We both loved that memory so much, that it guided our decision to choose Guthrie as the city we'd get married in little over a year later.