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Betty + Mitch: The Engagement Session

When Betty reached out to me to inquire about an engagement session, I immediately thought her name seemed familiar. I quickly realized why. Betty is a former Miss Oklahoma. I had never met her previous to the session, but I had always heard about how sweet she is. And she absolutely is!

Betty and Mitch began their session with me at their church, Frontline, in downtown OKC. Frontline also happens to be one of my favorite buildings in the city. From there we went over to the Capital, which happens to be close to home for them, and finished their session on the front steps of their gorgeous home.

They’ll be getting married soon in New Mexico, and I am so excited for them! We’ll be here celebrating and photographing/videoing another sweet couple’s big day, but I’ll be so excited to see all the pictures and stories they share from their destination wedding!


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