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The Alternate Wedding Exit

It’s easy to jump into planning the beginning of your wedding day, but the ending of your wedding day is a thought that comes later. I’m sure you’ve been to weddings with varying exits, from Sparklers to Bubbles, Glow Sticks to Ribbon Wands. You’ve stayed late at receptions waiting for the exit, and have experienced the “Faux exit”, but if those two options are just not what you’re feeling, what about a third Exit option?

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Worth the Cost: Wedding Videography

With the rise in technology, wedding videography is becoming more and more popular. The question becomes, is it worth the added cost?

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So You’re Planning Your Wedding…

On today’s blog post, Danielle Throckmorton of Throckmorton Events is sharing three things she’d recommend to all brides planning their wedding day.

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All the Pretty Flowers: Cost & Seasons

Chances are you’ll be including flowers on your wedding day to some degree. Whether you’re going simple, and minimal, or decking the entire venue out — flowers are a go-to decor item for wedding days.

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Before Hiring Your Wedding Photographer…

I wish there were a few things I would have asked myself before deciding who would photograph our day. Notice, I’m not saying what I wish I would have asked them, the potential photographers. You’ll find tons of articles on that topic all over Pinterest and Google.

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What to Wear in Your Engagement Photos

It can be pretty overwhelming deciding what to wear for you engagement session. So we’re breaking down our favorite looks! And to keep it easy, all of the outfits are through one boutique: Vici Collection.

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Pointless Honeymoon Hikes

It was our first major excursion. We were headed to Pompeii. Josh and I honeymooned in Paris and Rome after getting married back in October of 2014. We originally had interest in going to Iceland for our honeymoon (to see the Northern Lights), but after visiting two Travel Agencies, that tried to dissuade us from […]

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Chelsie + Dionicio: Wedding at The Springs Event Venue

When Chelsie first told me she was going to have a special surprise for Dio, I did not think it had anything to do with horses. She proceeded to tell me about a cultural dance, done atop a horse. That dance is what she intended to do. Planning the surprise was no small feat on […]

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Hannah + Phillip: Wedding at The Gallery in Houston

It was someone else’s wedding day. But for Hannah and Phillip, it was also the day that would mark the rest of their lives. Phillips, twin brother, Andrew, married Catherine, Hannah’s long time best friend. Phillip was among Andrew’s groomsmen and Hannah was one of Catherine’s bridesmaids. That’s how they met, and from that day […]

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Betty + Mitch: The Engagement Session

When Betty reached out to me to inquire about an engagement session, I immediately thought her name seemed familiar. I quickly realized why. Betty is a former Miss Oklahoma. I had never met her previous to the session, but I had always heard about how sweet she is. And she absolutely is! Betty and Mitch […]

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