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Megan + Mark: Plenty Mercantile Wedding

Something that I love about Oklahoma City, is our Downtown. From the architecture, to the quaint eateries, boutique shopping, and garden/park areas, it holds so much character. When it comes down to a wedding celebration, the location choices are exquisite and unique.

I had the opportunity to be a part of photographing a wedding that took place at Plenty Mercantile, which I had no idea hosted weddings until recently. Plenty Mercantile is a trendy boutique that offers a wide range of gifts, art, candles, children toys, and books, and I could go on. What you would think is their “back room” is actually an event area, that hosts a large amount of space, bar/kitchen area, and stairs that lead to their rooftop area (that can also be used for weddings/receptions). I was over the moon to be a part of photographing here.

When the wedding day came, what was suppose to be a bright sunny day, unexpectedly turned dark and rainy within hours before the ceremony. The bride, Megan started her day at 21c Museum Hotel in downtown. She was surrounded by her children, mom, family, and bridal party. Her groom, Mark was also at the hotel in a suite on the other end of the floor. After getting ready, they did their first look, after which the storm came rolling in. As photographs finished up, the entire party waited in the hotel lobby to be escorted to vehicles with umbrellas to begin the short, but wet drive to Plenty Mercantile.


The couple had planned for a rooftop ceremony, but with the storm, an alternate plan had to be created. The wedding planner and her team went to work, quickly making the reception area double as a ceremony site. The rain never cleared up like we all had hoped, but there were brief pauses that allowed for beautiful portraits to be taken on top of the roof.




The rain didn’t stop this couples roll for one second though. The ceremony began, with live musician playing as the party walked down the aisle. As the bride entered, escorted by her father, the group of guests rose in standard tradition. As the officiant began his part, his cell phone rang. The guests, and even us photographers froze in shock — was he really taking a call? While officiating?? As we all listened to his hurried phone call we all quickly realized it was a joke, (one the couple appeared to be in on), and the remainder of the ceremony continued on with sweet words, but many moments of laughter brought thanks to the officiant.

Following the ceremony, and the traditional family group portraits, the reception went into full swing. The couple danced and mingled all night with their friends and family, had two food trucks on site to serve dinner, a full bar, and multiple cakes, as well as a cookie dessert cart.

There were toasts, the traditional dances between husband and wife, father and daughter, and mother and son. There was lots of laughter and celebrating. And while the rain didn’t clear in time for the rooftop ceremony, the couple was able to enjoy a gorgeous late night dance by themselves under the night sky, followed by a sparkler exit.

Megan and Mark, it was a blast to be a part of your day. All the details, the love, and celebration were breath-taking. I wish you both nothing but a life of happiness and pure joy with each other, and your beautiful children.


xx Danielle


Wedding Date: 06.30.2018

Venues: 21C Museum Hotel & Plenty Mercantile

Videography: Alumni Productions

The opportunity to be a part of photographing this wedding was brought by Brandon Burton’s Wedding Workshops.


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