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Rachel + Abel: An Engagement Session

“Sure we changed but way deep down you had the same old feelings for me
I went to the store and I bought you a ring and I got down on one knee.”

Lanco – “Greatest Love Story”


It was a September evening, and as we sat across from Rachel and Abel in a coffee shop, they looked at each other and nodded in agreement.  Their relationship leading up to their engagement had been a rollercoaster ride. When I asked them to describe their love story, with a smile, Abel asked if I knew Lanco’s “Greatest Love Story”.

“That’s basically our love story,” he said. They met in high school, and fell in love, but graduation came, and Rachel moved away to North Carolina for college. They tried to make it work, but distance and a relationship is anything but easy. The relationship came to an end, and they both moved through their college years a part. While there were other relationships during this time apart, those relationships never lasted. Rachel’s path ended up bringing her back home to Oklahoma.

During their time apart, Rachel experienced great tragedy with the loss of her father. Abel had wanted to reconnect with her, and when he learned of the death he hurt for her. He wanted to know how she was, and simply be there for her however he could. It was after her father’s funeral (which he attended) that they reconnected (with the encouragement of best friends).

From distance to death, the life these two have experienced so far only strengthens their bond and love. It’s evident.

While we drank our coffees with them that September night, Josh and I found ourselves feeling like we had known them for years. They are so much fun, and talking with them is like talking with your best friend. (And they love coffee — like us!)

We recently had the honor of capturing their engagement session. It was so cold that Bedlam Saturday (which Abel and Josh were MVPs for missing), but you wouldn’t know it. They were up for it all! A coffee shop, and a carousel, old architecture, and a park. It was a blast.

Next up, will be Rachel’s Bridal Session (however that won’t be publicly shared until after their April 6th wedding, which we will be so ready for)!

Coffee Shop: Kitchen 324

Carousel: Myriad Gardens

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