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All the Little Details: Top 10 Details to Bring on Your Wedding Day

I’ll be honest, I love details. They are not lost on me. When I scroll through Pinterest, I easily get caught up in all the images of pretty rooms, pretty outfits, pretty weddings, and on and on. The details are always what pop out at me.

You’ll want to gather up the little details to have with you on your wedding day before that day arrives. I want to share with you some that I highly recommend remembering to bring with you! Some are no-brainers, while others are things I have seen forgotten. These wedding details make for beautiful images and videos, and add to the story of your day.


The first may seem obvious, but it never fails come wedding day that they aren’t all together. I am speaking about the rings. Oftentimes, either we’ll have the brides, but not the grooms or vice versa when we need the rings for the detail shots, but not all three (engagement ring, and wedding bands). For our brides, we recommend holding on to all three of the rings with your detail pieces until we’ve had a chance to photograph and video them. After that, it’s time to turn them over to your coordinator/maid of honor/best man (whomever will be responsible for hanging onto them going into the ceremony).

Dress & Hanger

It’s highly unlikely you’ll forget this, because after all it’s what you’re going to wear. Photos and video of the dress are kind of iconic these days, so obviously it makes the list of details! Something that is not quite as obvious, is the hanger it will be on. Even if it’s just a wooden one, that will photograph in a timeless way compared to a plastic hanger.


Many brides will purchase a new pair of shoes to wear down the aisle. Maybe it’s because of the legendary Cinderella shoe, but shoe portraits are some of my favorite. Like the dress, the type and style of shoe a bride selects showcases her style and personality. Some brides decorate their wrists, necks, and ears with jewelry, while others are a little more minimal. The jewelry you pick out for your wedding day should not be forgotten.

Bouquet & Garter

Flowers can make anything beautiful. Your bouquet is an absolute must to be photographed. Whether it’s real, or fake, silk, or broach, your bouquet is a very real part of the details of your day and yet another reflection of your personality and style.

Your garter is an intimate detail that not many get to see. It’s a piece you wear hidden for most of your day, and when finally removed, typically it is quickly “tossed” away! Many people will have two garters (the one they keep, and the one they toss – similar to a bouquet) but none-the-less, its a detail that is not shown off and often they are quite beautiful.

Perfume, Invitation, & Heirlooms

This may be my favorite of all the details, and you may think me odd for saying so. Your perfume bottle. Scents can take us back to a time and place, a memory, so quickly. As soon as it hits you, the memories come rushing in. We select our perfumes with care, each of us being attracted to different scents for specific reasons. The perfume you wear on your wedding day should be documented.

Your invitation suite will make for beautiful flat lay photos, and is a great accent to pair with other details like shoes, rings, floral, and jewelry. You’re probably saving one of your wedding invitations, but in time paper ages, and ink may fade. Thanks to the digital age, you can have a timeless image that preserves it forever.

Lastly, any heirlooms you plan to have on you on your wedding day. It may be something that falls into the other categories I listed (like a ring, necklace, earrings) or something like a handkerchief or pocket watch. There’s something nostalgic in the tradition, something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, so I am a big fan of seeing those details in images and video.

I hope my list of details has been helpful, and that your wedding planning is going well! We always love connecting with brides that love the details as much as we do, and would love the opportunity to see if we’d be a good fit for your photo and video needs! (Send us a quick message to connect by clicking here!)

At the end of the day though, remember as beautiful as your wedding day may be, the most important thing is your marriage. We wish you one full of love and laughter; a marriage that will stand the test of time.


Image of wedding shoes and wedding head piece

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