Many of the print and online publications use Pinterest today to disperse their content, therefore Pinterest has quickly become a leading go-to location for literally all of it. So if you’re planning a wedding today, and you’re using Pinterest to help inspire the majority of it, I’ve got a few Pros and Cons to keep in mind as you tackle the never-ending-world of Pinterest.

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Planning on Pinterest

Have you ever been to Eureka Springs? There are these quaint tree house homes one can stay in, complete with bridges within the trees leading you to the home. When I first saw Merrick Hollow I immediately felt like I was in Eureka Springs.

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Merrick Hollow: a Tree House Inspired Venue in Oklahoma

Daffodil Hill brands itself with the words “Intimate, romantic, and ethereal,” which we think is the perfect description. The owner is a photographer, and it shows: for the size, the number of locations for photos in this space is impressive.

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Daffodil Hill: A Garden Wedding Venue in Oklahoma City

There’s something about old architecture that calls to me. The Oklahoma Hall of Fame is one of those places. The front of the building features massive steps rolling down from its entrance, which is fitting considering the rolling prairie plains of Oklahoma. At the top of the steps, you’ll find two massive doors and an engraving above those doors with the year, 1926.

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Oklahoma Hall of Fame: a Grand, Historical Wedding Experience

“They’ve been around for a really long time and I still feel like their venue is truly timeless…it’s not a trend.” Finding the perfect wedding venue can be overwhelming. Photographing the perfect wedding can also be a challenge! Having been through both, I can say it makes me want to grab a trusted friend and […]


Cole’s Garden: a Timeless Oklahoma Wedding Venue

I’m going to be 100% honest and upfront with you. The Baumberhof is one of my favorite venues in Oklahoma. That’s a pretty hefty thing to say as a wedding professional that has seen many gorgeous venues.

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The Baumberhof

It’s easy to jump into planning the beginning of your wedding day, but the ending of your wedding day is a thought that comes later. I’m sure you’ve been to weddings with varying exits, from Sparklers to Bubbles, Glow Sticks to Ribbon Wands. You’ve stayed late at receptions waiting for the exit, and have experienced the “Faux exit”, but if those two options are just not what you’re feeling, what about a third Exit option?

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The Alternate Wedding Exit

With the rise in technology, wedding videography is becoming more and more popular. The question becomes, is it worth the added cost?

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Worth the Cost: Wedding Videography

On today’s blog post, Danielle Throckmorton of Throckmorton Events is sharing three things she’d recommend to all brides planning their wedding day.

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So You’re Planning Your Wedding…

Chances are you’ll be including flowers on your wedding day to some degree. Whether you’re going simple, and minimal, or decking the entire venue out — flowers are a go-to decor item for wedding days.

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All the Pretty Flowers: Cost & Seasons



Wichita Mountain Engagement Session





It was so wonderful working with Danielle during our whole wedding process! From the moment I initially reached out, she was kind, very helpful, and great to work with. She was always helpful and quick to reply. She worked with our wedding planner to come up with a great wedding day timeline and adjusted it based off my ideas. I loved being around her on our wedding day and knew that she had it all under control! Throughout the whole process she helped my husband and I feel comfortable behind the camera. Her photos are absolutely amazing!! Our photos are bright, elegant, and timeless. We will cherish our photos forever!! I could not be happier that we chose to work with Danielle for our wedding!!



We really enjoyed working with Danielle on our wedding day! She was great to bounce around ideas before and during the event, very thorough in her questionnaire, and super pleasant to be around bringing just the right energy to the mix. We got a ton of lovely photos to capture the essence of our beautiful wedding! Overall, we're very pleased with our decision to work with Danielle and would recommend her to any couple who needs a fantastic photographer for their wedding!



I could not recommend Danielle enough. My husband and I wrapped up our wedding experience feeling as if we had made a new friend through Danielle. She made it a point to get to know us on a level that was more than just transactional. My husband Cooper expressed to me after the wedding that Danielle had made him feel as though he was important as the groom, while making him feel comfortable and calm through the whole process...I chose Danielle as my photographer because you could really see and feel the romance and happiness of the couples through her photos, and I absolutely could not be any more happier with my choice of photographer. We loved every step of the way with Danielle! 

"Danielle made him (Cooper) feel as though he was important as the groom..."

Abby & Cooper

When we were looking through photographers galleries, we loved the style of Danielle's photos the best. Her work is bright, classic and elegant. We didn’t have any concerns prior to working with Danielle and the moment we met her, we knew we had made the right choice. She made us feel so comfortable. We absolutely love our photos! Danielle, you captured our wedding day perfectly. Choosing Danielle as our photographer for our engagement and wedding photos was one of the best decisions we made! We couldn’t love Danielle and her work more! 

"the moment we met her, we knew we had made the right choice. She made us feel so comfortable."

Abbey & Rustin