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Oklahoma Hall of Fame: a Grand, Historical Wedding Experience

There’s something about old architecture that calls to me. The Oklahoma Hall of Fame is one of those places. The front of the building features massive steps rolling down from its entrance, which is fitting considering the rolling prairie plains of Oklahoma. At the top of the steps, you’ll find two massive doors and an engraving above those doors with the year, 1926.

The Oklahoma Hall of Fame serves as a museum, and event space, and the type of events I especially love there are weddings or wedding related. It’s a go-to location for Bridal Portraits because of its classic aesthetic and many amazing staircases.

The front of the building boasts amazing spots for tons of portraits, but I wouldn’t do this location justice if I didn’t mention the gardens in the back of the building as well. Not only will you find gardens, but a waterfall wall. Its a great space for hosting and is complete with twinkle lights that stretch across it.

If you’re a lover of architecture, gardens, and a place that is an experience, the Oklahoma Hall of Fame is definitely a location you should visit. If you’re planning your wedding and love those aesthetics, definitely contact them for a tour!

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