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Daffodil Hill: A Garden Wedding Venue in Oklahoma City

“It’s like if you’re on Pinterest searching for ‘gardens’ and they’re all overgrown and perfect… that’s what this place is.”

Finding the perfect wedding venue can be overwhelming. Photographing the perfect wedding can also be a challenge! Having been through both, I can say it makes me want to grab a trusted friend and professional for a cup of coffee and let them put my mind at ease. That’s why, while downloadable coffee isn’t a thing yet (that I know of), we’re doing our best to be a “friend” and adviser in our venue review series.

In Episode 17 of the Curated Exposure Podcast, we review one of my favorite venues: Daffodil Hill. Daffodil Hill brands itself with the words “Intimate, romantic, and ethereal,” which we think is the perfect description. The owner is a photographer, and it shows: for the size, the number of locations for photos in this space is impressive. In this episode, we discuss:

– Taking advantage of the checkered-tile grass
– Alternate locations for bridal “getting ready” shots (we love their bridal room, too!)
– Photo ideas for elopements and intimate weddings
– Why I (Danielle) actually like weddings with no alcohol

Also, we gave a sneak peek in the episode, but stay tuned for our first-ever annual “Curated Exposure Workshop” at Daffodil Hill!

Listen to our full venue review of Daffodil Hill in Oklahoma City by following the link below:


The Curated Exposure Episode 17, for listening

Daffodil Hill Website, for booking information
Daffodil Hill Instagram, for photographic inspiration

“I always dreamed of having a garden wedding and this would have been the perfect venue!”

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