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All the Pretty Flowers: Cost & Seasons

Chances are you’ll be including flowers on your wedding day to some degree. Whether you’re going simple, and minimal, or decking the entire venue out — flowers are a go-to decor item for wedding days. Not to mention, it’s tradition that the brides, and bridesmaids all carry bouquets of some type. 

Sidenote: Do you know why brides carry a bouquet? In the days of the ancient Roman Empire, flowers were believed to signify new beginnings, fertility, and fidelity. So brides would carry bouquets or garlands of flowers. IN the middle ages, the use of flowers was thought to ward off evil spirits, and bad luck, as well as mask body odors. It was during this age, that men began wearing a boutonniere.

Back to the topic! Flowers, and your wedding day! In this blog post, you’re receiving wisdom from Stephanie, of Gorgeous Blooms Floral Design.

She’s answering three hot questions for us! 

One of my favorite bouquets Stephanie has done for one of my sessions.

#1 What should a bride know when it comes to the cost of floral?

Floral costs are determined by the number of items needed, the size of the bouquet, or install, and the types of blooms used. Due to recent trends and the popularity of greenery only weddings, prices of greenery have increased meaning greenery only is no longer a “cheaper” alternative.

#2 How do seasons affect the cost of floral?

Seasons often affect the availability of certain flowers. Some are not available year-round but may be imported from other countries. which is where you will see higher costs. 

#3 Are Faux Flowers a cheaper alternative?

They’re not always a cheaper alternative. Great quality, realistic-looking faux flowers are often made of silk. Because of this theyre often more costly per stem than live flowers. When determining if faux is the way to go, ask yourself what your reason for going that direction is. If it’s to keep the floral after the wedding day as a keepsake, that’s one thing and the extra cost may be well worth it. However, if it’s only because you’re trying to save money, that reason alone may not be enough.

If you’re looking for a florist and would love to talk more about the floral design and technicalities, be sure to contact Stephanie.

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