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So You’re Planning Your Wedding…

Danielle Throckmorton is the founder & creative director of Throckmorton Events. She is a professional wedding planner and has won the 2018 & 2019 Couple’s Choice Award from Wedding Wire, as well as The 2019 Best of The Knot Wedding Awards, and has been featured in both online and editorial magazines.  

And on today’s blog post, she’s sharing three things she’d recommend to all brides planning their wedding day. 

Tip #1

First, your guest list is the first thing you should create. It determines everything; from your venue, the food you will serve, the size of the cake you will have, and the list goes on. Your guest list will play a big part in your budget. 

Tip #2

Second, always have a Plan B. You need to love Plan A, but you need to also love Plan B. Being in Oklahoma, the weather can do some wild things. If you’re planning an outdoor wedding in October, and day of it gets rained out, what’s your Plan B? A part of our service to our brides is creating not only a Plan A floor plan but also a Plan B — because you can’t ever be too prepared. 

Tip #3

And third, prioritize your budget, no matter what that amount is. Finances shouldn’t be the reason you or your fiancé are stressed. Planning a wedding isn’t always the most feasible thing, but you can set a boundary and work within that. Starting your life together in a good place financially is so important. There are certain components of your wedding day like your photos, that we believe you shouldn’t skimp on. Keep in mind, when you blow that image up and you hang it on your wall, are you going to be happy with that image and it’s quality? 

As planners at Throckmorton Events, they have access to lots of different specials and promotions with different vendors and companies to help their couples get their dream day while staying within their budget. With their Full Planning and Partial Planning Packages, they offer budget management, to help keep their clients on track. 

For more details on these three tips, plus even more, head over to The Curated Exposure Podcast, Episode 6, to hear the full interview with Danielle Throckmorton, Throckmorton Events. 

Love reading blogs? Also be sure to check out Danielle’s blog, especially this article: 5 Things to Avoid in Your Wedding Planning

I hope that you found this tip helpful! If you have any questions or would like to schedule a free consultation with Danielle Throckmorton, send her a quick inquiry here!

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