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Worth the Cost: Wedding Videography

10 years ago, having a videographer at a wedding wasn’t really heard of. Home Camcorders recorded many wedding ceremonies. 

But with today’s technology, and the ability for DSLR Cameras to capture 4K video seamlessly, videography is becoming more and more popular. The question becomes, is it worth the added cost? 

I will tell you as a past bride, and my husband, Josh, being our videographer for DV&Co., hands down yes. It’s worth the cost. iPhone videos are great, but it’s not the same as having a carefully thought out highlight film from your day. A film that can take you back to all the moments, and give you all the feels. Not to mention your complete ceremony, start to finish… chances are your friends may only catch “stolen” moments on their iPhone video, but Videographers are getting it all. You’ll get to watch and hear yourselves all over again, any time you want. 

I don’t believe that videography replaces photography, but I do believe they perfectly complement each other. Where our wedding images stop in telling the story of the day, the video picks up. The viewer of the image is limited in the senses they experience, based on whether it’s their memory they are looking at or not. Video, like a picture, shows the story, but the viewer is taken further into the memory… they can hear the story as well. And when you can see and hear someone you love, or a meaningful moment, the emotions become that much stronger.

So when considering whether or not to hire a videographer, my answer will always be yes. Every bride I have ever talked to that didn’t hire one, have unanimously agreed they wish they had.

Like photographers, you will find different levels, and styles in the video world. But I will caution you that “cheap” videographers are not always the golden ticket to having it all. There is a lot of work that goes into creating a video. Trust me, I know (because I actually help Josh with the editing of our own client’s videos!) And like with your images, once the day is done, there isn’t a re-do.

 So my recommendation when deciding on a videographer is to view some of their recent highlight films and decide if their style of story-telling is in line with what you envision for your video. 

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