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Macalah + Gavin: An Engagement Session

She was in a sorority and he was in a fraternity at Oklahoma State University. Through mutual friends is how they ultimately met, winter of their Sophomore year. And they’ve been together since. That’s the shortened version.

Hanging out with Macalah and Gavin for their engagement session was a privilege. They took me back to my early days in photography, when I would run snapping images of friends at fun locations, all the while talking about life, and love. And smitten? Spend any amount of time with these two, and it will become very clear that they are absolutely smitten with each other. The way Gavin looks at Macalah, is how a woman wants to be looked at.

Speaking of Gavin, he is the one that has the details. What I mean is, when you ask them to tell you their love story and how they met, he can eloquently tell their story as though he is reading it from a novel. He knows his details — and my friends that is a winning trait in a man! Many men will admit (and many will not admit) to lack of attention to detail. I say that as no offense to men, it’s just how it is.

I had such a hard time selecting the images to share here, because all of them are my favorite. These two could not take an unflattering picture if they tried. I, however, do not relate to that (LOL), so I lived vicariously through them.



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