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Constanzia + Tyler: An Engagement Session

When I think about our DV&Co Brides and Grooms, classy and timeless come to mind. Constanzia and Tyler are a 100% that. They met during the Norman Art Walk sometime back. Constanzia is involved in quite a few events as part of her career, and she shared with me that the very first event they attended together was the Bridges Prom in Norman, OK that her work sponsors.

She wore an elegant black dress, and Tyler dressed in a handsome suit. To be exact, the same look they are wearing in some of their engagement photos we captured. We spent our time together at two locations. The first stop we made was to the Miller house that is a part of Oklahoma history and featured during the Miller Mantels and Trees Holiday Home Tour in the winter season. Constanzia and her aunts’ have a personal relationship with Bruce and Mike, owners’ of the home. Naturally, that, coupled with the time of year, made the home a great location for engagement photos. My couples learn very quickly that I am big on sentimentality. So if a location has sentiment or value in their life I want to use it!

From the Miller house, we went over to Aloft to capture the Downtown skyline, for a very classic, metropolitan look. I had so much fun capturing engagement photos with the two of them, and am so excited for their future together! They are a beautiful example of a couple that fit so perfectly together.


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