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Wedding Photography or Videography: How do you pick?

You’ve waited for this day for what seems like forever. Maybe you never thought this day would come. Or perhaps, you never saw yourself getting married — but here you are. It’s your wedding day. This day will fly past you in a whirl (believe me — I remember that whirl!) When you look back on this day, are you looking at pictures of it? Are you watching a video of it, hearing the words spoken?

How do you choose the format your day is captured in? Photography has been the traditional means of capturing a wedding since the dawn of the camera. But there is a newer trend in the industry that is videography. As cameras have gotten exceptionally better with technology, the world of video is growing. So, how do you choose?

I’ll be honest, I don’t think you should choose. When Josh and I got married, we both agreed early on that both photography and videography were important to us. We wanted to be able to not only have images of our day, but we wanted to be able to return to the day via video at any time. The idea of our children getting to experience their parents’ wedding day through video was a driving force in our decision to have both formats from our day.

As a husband and wife team focusing on photography and videography, I’ve gotten to see and experience how perfectly the two mediums go together. The photos taken from your wedding day will grace your walls and mantels, you’ll keep them in albums and photo boxes for you to enjoy and pass on to your loved ones. You’ll frame them, save them to your phone, and share them on social media. Your video goes a step further, transporting you back to the day in a way photographs won’t. With the click of a button, the day is literally being replayed.

I don’t think one replaces the other. When you hold your image in your hand, much is left to memory. That image is invaluable to the one that experienced it. When you pair that image with video, it becomes an experience for anyone, regardless if they were at the wedding. Video is the gift of experience.

When Josh and I do both at a wedding, there’s something magical about it. We love being a part of a wedding day regardless, but I as a photographer, know what he is trying to capture as a videographer, so when I am posing and setting up shots, I do so with both in mind. I truly understand that sometimes, it may not be in the budget for both, and in that case, my first response will always be photography first. But having experienced both, I would urge anyone planning a wedding to truly consider finding a way to have both for their day. I have yet to meet a couple that regretted having video. Most that were on the fence, but did it, will tell you unequivocally to have video.

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Breanne and Sergio collaborated with us on this vow renewal that we love so much! Sergio is Columbian, and one of our favorite touches was the hat they brought that is special to his family and culture.

Something truly special about their vows, Breanne wrote hers in English, while Sergio wrote his in his native tongue, Spanish.


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