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MaKenzie & Austin: The Engagement Session

They’re classic and cool. Sweet and charming. When I first talked to MaKenzie on the phone, I knew she was my kind of Bride. She was genuinely kind and confident, and knew exactly what she was looking for in the photography for her and Austin’s wedding day.

When planning their engagement session, MaKenzie requested one specific location — a green house. We originally had planned on the Woodward Park Conservatory, but unfortunately they weren’t open in the evening. So, we decided on the Myriad Botanical Garden Crystal Bridge. I had just been a few months previously in the evening and it was beautiful.

The evening of the session arrived. As I walked toward the Crystal Bridge, I literally felt giddy with excitement of photographing them there. When I reached for the front door, I was met with resistance. The door was locked. I glanced to the hours sign, and it had just closed an hour previous.

My heart sank, realizing I was going to have to tell her the Crystal Bridge was not going to happen today. I hold myself to a high standard, and always want my clients to have the best experience, (because photography and videography are experiences, just as much as services.) So I quickly began running through possible solutions.

Upon breaking the news to hear, I told her that if she was open to it, and if they could find a day that they would be available during the Tulsa Conservatory’s hours of operation that we would shoot there for an extra session, completely on me.

So in their images, you’ll see two sets… A set from their time with me in OKC and a set from their time in Tulsa at the Conservatory. They were a blast to be around and so kind through it all. In the end, we were able to get the greenhouse images.

Downtown OKC/Myriad Gardens

Tulsa: Woodward Park/Linneaus Conservatory

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