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The First 48 Hours: Baby Rooks

There’s something so special about the first 48 hours of life. You’ve just brought this little human into the world, and even though they’ve been with you for the past (typically) 9 months, you’re meeting them for the first time. I am a huge fan of birth photography and fresh 48 sessions, because like weddings, they are such an intimate moment in life.

A little back story, I met Ashley when we were still teenagers through my best friend! So we’ve known each other for well over a decade! I had the honor of photographing Ashley & Jason’s first “Fresh 48” Session two years ago, when their son, Hawkins, was born. To be back to photograph their second son was at the same hospital, one room over from where we were two years ago was surreal. Baby Rooks is so precious, and Hawkins already proving to be the best big brother!

Ashley & Jason, thank you so much for inviting me into this space of time again! Seeing ya’ll interact as a new, beautiful family of 4 meant so much to me.

Dad holding baby near a windowMom hugging babyMom sitting in hospital bed holding babyMom standing near window, cradling newbornBig brother walking into hospital room to see mom and baby brother.Brother looking into his baby brother's bassinet Mom holding big brother and baby, Dad holding baby and big brother Mom and Dad looking at baby, dad holds baby Mom, Dad and Big Brother holding baby brother


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