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Rylee + Jason: An Intimate Church Wedding

While attending Faith Family Church in El Reno, Rylee got to know and build relationship with Jason’s family. She knew them, before meeting him, so when they did meet, the rest fell into place. There is a saying that when you marry, you marry not just your spouse, but their family too. It’s my opinion that Rylee was definitely blessed to have such an established relationship with her in-laws before they became her in-laws.

On February 2nd, the two, along with Jason’s son, James, committed to each other in an intimate church ceremony. Family and friends surrounded them and cheered them. During the ceremony, Rylee not only made her vows to Jason, but also to his son James. She beautifully vowed to be a mother to him, and in return he accepted her as his mother. Jason’s father officiated the ceremony, with other family members each playing a role in the ceremony, and day.

The day flew by, but none-the-less it was a sweet day, that reminded me of the blessing that is family and lifelong friendships.

Three images of Wedding Jewelry; perfume and rings; detailed embellishment of the wedding dress Left picture of the rings on top of letter to the brides future husband, Right picture a bridal portraitBride viewing her dress, and bridesmaids helping her get into her dressMother of the groom helping bride put her necklace on; bridesmaids holding bride's hand, all smilingBride huddled together with bridesmaidsBride smiling and laughing with her motherMother of the bride smiling at the brideGroom helping his son tie his shoes and fix his bowtie Groom being assisted by his brother with his shirt's neck buttons, Bride and Groom Portraits Bride and Groom Portraits Bride and Groom portraits Bride and Groom Portraits Bride and Groom PortraitsGroom reading letter from bride Groom praying with family members

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