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And Then He was Three

The Third Birthday

This past weekend we celebrated the third birthday of my oldest son, Joah. He was born on February 29th, 2016, so he is my little leapling. It’s always a little odd celebrating his birthday on March 1st (the years that Leap Year is absent.) This year is one of those birthdays; my February baby is celebrated as a March baby.

The age of two brought some interesting times. This age presented more personality than I knew to expect, and even more love. It is mind blowing how much a person can develop and grow in one year. At the beginning of two, he was saying words here and there, now he has full conversations. At the beginning of two, he was curious and unsure, now his stubborn side is in full force, and he is sure in what he wants to do. This year he began the life skill of building friendships. He went from having “baby”hood friends (that were forced upon him by mom or dad) to verbally telling us who his friends are. At the most random times, he will tell you he loves you. Some days he’ll even surprise me with a “Mama you’re pretty” (usually the days I definitely don’t feel it.)

But let me tell you about the tantrums. It wouldn’t be fair if all I did was paint a picture of how wonderful “two” has been, and not include the not-so-pretty meltdowns. My Joah is strong willed, not in an extreme way, but he just knows what he wants when he wants it. I also am strong willed. So there are some days that him and I are like bulls in china cabinets. Many times, my motherly resolve won out, but there were just as many times when my will and resolve were exhausted; my stubborn two-year-old winning the round.

Two was truly a beautiful year though. Before having kids, I had envisioned loving the age of two. It did not disappoint. I may be still in the trenches of sleepless nights, lots of coffee, and days spent in leggings, but this little person of mine has come alive in personality so much this year. Time waits for no one, but oh how I wish it would.

Happy Birthday my sweet baby! Three looks great on you.


Adorable Sugar Cookies By Meagan Hobbs (IG: @frosted_by_meagan)

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