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Pointless Honeymoon Hikes

It was our first major excursion. We were headed to Pompeii. Josh and I honeymooned in Paris and Rome after getting married back in October of 2014. We originally had interest in going to Iceland for our honeymoon (to see the Northern Lights), but after visiting two Travel Agencies, that tried to dissuade us from […]

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DV&Co Life

And Then He was Three

The Third Birthday This past weekend we celebrated the third birthday of my oldest son, Joah. He was born on February 29th, 2016, so he is my little leapling. It’s always a little odd celebrating his birthday on March 1st (the years that Leap Year is absent.) This year is one of those birthdays; my […]

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DV&Co Life

The First 48 Hours: Baby Rooks

There’s something so special about the first 48 hours of life. You’ve just brought this little human into the world, and even though they’ve been with you for the past (typically) 9 months, you’re meeting them for the first time. I am a huge fan of birth photography and fresh 48 sessions, because like weddings, […]

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DV&Co Life

The Gates Family: Christmas Portraits

Majority of the time, we are working with engaged couples and at weddings. But there are times we get the opportunity to capture families, and this session was one of those times. The Gates’ are neighbors of ours and the owners of the grooming parlor we take our pups to! They are so kind, and […]

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DV&Co Life

The DV&Co Life: Family Picture Day

Sunday mornings typically start with coffee. At least for me (Danielle), and Josh. The boys somehow wake with more energy than I know what to do with. At first I chalk it up to them being “young” — not that we are “old” or anything (after all, age is just a number). But then I […]

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DV&Co Life

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