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Why an Engagement Session?

You’re engaged! And you may now be deciding, do you have an engagement session or not? I 100% believe that engagement sessions are a necessity. Not for the pictures you’ll get out of the session (even though those are pretty neat to have.) I am a huge fan of them because of the connection and relationship they build with your photographer, as well as each other.

Think about it. When you hire your wedding photographer, you are doing so in trust and good confidence that ya’ll will click and all will go smoothly on the wedding day. It’s likely you’ve never personally worked with them, so do you know if you’ll truly click? How are they with posing? Will they rely on you for the posing? Will they coach you through posing?

The engagement session also impacts the wedding day. Because of this session with your photographer, you will go into your wedding day with a comfort that wouldn’t be there if the wedding was the first experience in front of their camera. With my clients, this reason alone is worth offering complementary engagement sessions. Not only are they comfortable on their day, but I am too. I know which poses are “their poses”, the ones they knock out of the park. I know how to interact with them (are they quiet and introspective, or are they bubbly and outgoing.)

So, when you’re deciding whether an engagement session is important, I encourage you to keep this explanation in mind!

Lastly, if you’re looking for your wedding day photographer, we’d love to connect and see if we might be a good fit for you and your fiancé! Click here to send us a quick hello!


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