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What to Wear in Your Engagement Photos

Featuring Vici Collection

If you’re anything like me, choosing what to wear for photos can be overwhelming. There are so many choices out there. Not to mention, accessories. The options are endless.

One of my favorite go-to sites for outfit inspiration is — they have amazing styles and great prices.

So let’s jump right in…


Here in Oklahoma, Fall is a great time of year for Engagement Sessions, as the temperatures outside have started to drop, making longer sleeves more comfortable. The leaves are still intact, but beginning to change, and the grass hasn’t completely lost its green. Fall has always been one of my favorite times of year. This outfit featured in the Vici Collection is a perfect fall (or even winter) ensemble:

I often recommend sticking to neutral colors or pastels when deciding what to wear for photos. Plus, Fall isn’t the time we usually bring our pastel game out. So neutrals it is. I’m all for pops of complementary colors in the form of accessories, like earrings, necklaces, bracelets, scarves, wraps, and hats.

Typically, outdoor engagement sessions aren’t happening in the winter (at least not here in Oklahoma), unless they’re indoors. On top of the cold — everything gets pretty brown and gray outside once winter has come (total GOT reference).

Whether you’re outside, or heading indoors for your engagement session, an outfit like the above (Southern Living Tiered Floral Maxi) is a great style to go with (maxi skirts have the right amount of movement to bring extra emotion to your images, and a long sleeve top that hugs the body will showcase your body in a slimming way.) I’m a sucker for Gigi Pip hats — so if you’re in need of an accessory and love hats like me — they’re a great option!


Spring is when everything comes back to life. I have two favorite seasons… and Spring is my second favorite. The grass becomes green again, and florals start to bloom. When I think of Spring, I think of the epitome of bright images, with lots of pastel greens, pinks, purples, blues, and whites.

This time of year is when all the types of skirts and dresses can come out to play from mini to midi to maxi, and you don’t have to worry about being too cold. Personally, I love and recommend Maxi and Midi skirts/dresses, because they will offer more movement to the images, while you can’t “throw” a mini around the same way.


In the summer heat… at least in Oklahoma, breezy clothing is a necessity. Our temperatures can reach in the 100’s (Fahrenheit) and it’s no joke. Even getting closer to “golden hour” the temps can still be in the high 90’s. So for a summer appropriate outfit, you’ll want to be comfortable, while still feeling amazing.

Light material that doesn’t hug the body is going to definitely allow air flow to keep you cool. During the summer season, I still recommend sticking to pastels and neutral colors when selecting what to wear for your photos. These colors translate nicely into the camera, and aren’t too distracting. I am first and foremost a people-focused photographer, so I want the focal point of the image to be you and your fiancé. I love an amazingly curated outfit, but at the end of the day, the image is meant to be of YOU and your love. Your outfit needs to complement you, not steal your show. (End rant.)

When you don’t say yes to the dress…

Now, I’ve been sharing lots of dresses at this point, and I’ll be 100% honest, it’s because dresses flatter the female body in such an exquisite way. I’m a huge fan and advocate for bringing at least one dress to your session! If someone ever tells me they’re not sure what to wear in photos, a dress is my go-to answer. But I totally get not everyone will or wants to wear a dress.

There are still some amazing options, such as rompers, jumpsuits, high-waisted shorts, and jeggings. Below you’ll find my top 4 favorite Vici Picks for outfits that are not dresses or skirts:

Bonus Pick: If you really want the denim….

To close out this post, I want to briefly talk about your fiancé’s outfit. When determining what to dress him (or her) in a quick tip of mine is to coordinate their outfit to yours. Coordinate is the keyword here, avoid matching. For example, if you’re wearing the Where Waves Break Maxi Dress from above, perhaps he could wear a pair of dark wash jeans, and a white polo or quality tee, with a pair of brown dress shoes. The goal is for your outfits to be in balance with each others, complementing each others colors — but never matching identically. The only time I have personally seen colors matched perfectly, and it work, is when the couple is wearing all black, all navy, or a dark neutral like brown/burgundy (think him in a brown or burgundy suit with a white button down, and her in a brown or burgundy dress.)

Choosing your Engagement Session outfits, can be overwhelming, but at the end of the day have fun with it. If you’ve been wanting to dress up, use this as your excuse. Pamper yourself to a manicure, and don’t forget to shine the ring, because it will be in focus for some of the images. Never had your hair and makeup done? This is a great opportunity to! It’s not every year that a couple has their photos professionally taken, so dress it up as much as you’d like!

Are you needing Engagement Photos still? Click here and send us a quick message to see if we’d be a good fit for your engagement and wedding needs!

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